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Brian Stordahl reviewed USA Karate Shakopee
via Facebook

Our kids have been attending USA Karate for two years. They have experienced an increase in their discipline, strength, balance, confidence, respect, and enjoyment of athletics. This is a great school with an incredible instructor in Jake Roel and his support staff. Highly recommend!

Minnesota Mountain Man

USA Karate in Shakopee MN is one of the best things that our family has done to build strength, confidence and diligence. Mr. Roell is very good with the kids in every way. A perfect blend of humor and seriousness. All the kids honor, respect, and like him. We highly recommend this program!

Denise Duncan reviewed USA Karate Shakopee
via Facebook

Mr. Roell is AWE-SOME-SAUCE!!!!!! My baby girl has grown in maturity and discipline, she's 6! I recommend USA Karate to any and everyone.

Becky Graf Bouley reviewed USA Karate Shakopee
via Facebook

Our son loves coming to karate & earning his stripes/belts! Mr. Roell has them talk about their goals and when they want to achieve them. He is wonderful with teaching respect, focus and self discipline.

The kids respect him and I love the life lessons he delivers at their level.

Focus & self discipline have improved at home & school. I highly recommend Mr. Roell and his teachings.

Madhurima Manmohandas Nambiar reviewed USA Karate Shakopee
via Facebook

USA Karate in Shakopee is excellent. Our daughter loves attending her classes and looks forward to it each evening. We have seen a lot of progress in her in just a month. Jacob and his team are awesome. I would higly recommend USA Karate - Shakopee.

Tracey Hoff-Kalaus reviewed USA Karate Shakopee
via Facebook

Absolutely amazing! Both my boys (5yrs & 6yrs), my husband and I are learning Karate. For my boys I have seen such a change in their focus and discipline. For me it is fullfilling a life long dream. Mr. Roell does a fantastic job of talking to my boys in a way they understand and motivates them. He even lets me pick him (Mr. Roell) up and throw him on the ground LOL. This is an amazing program and would highly recommend to anyone who is even considering trying!!

Liz Watkins reviewed USA Karate Shakopee
via Facebook

The kids have a lot of fun. It builds confidence and respect for others and there is a very skilled instructor there. I highly recommend this place.

Melissa Cortes reviewed USA Karate Shakopee
via Facebook

Wishing there could be 10 on the rating scale to select, because it’s more than deserved!!

Instructor Roell goes above and beyond!! He is amazing with all the students, at all levels, from what I’ve witnessed. My daughter has not only learned a lot from him, but has grown as an individual more than I could have imagined (in such a short period of time)!

Discipline, focus, strength, confidence, new friendships, support (and more)... so much in such a short amount of time!!! Thankful and appreciative beyond what I can express in words.

Such a great instructor, teacher and role model for all those involved in his program!!! Oh, not to mention his selection of assistants! Instructor Roell has chosen great role models to help in his classes as well!!

Jessica Showman Williams reviewed USA Karate Shakopee
via Facebook

We have had a very positive experience at USA Karate. My son is learning Karate and leadership skills. The ability to focus on a goal and achieve it is crossing over into other facets of his life.

Pat Worley reviewed USA Karate Shakopee
via Facebook

Great place with a very dedicated and talented staff.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Why martial arts?

Almost exactly 6 years ago I decided to repaint our front sitting room and put our martial arts values on the wall. At the time, one of the families in our martial arts classes for kids time owned a sign shop and was generous enough to create great vinyl lettering for the wording. Soon Confidence, Respect, Discipline, and Focus in shiny white letters were the first thing anyone saw when they entered our location. I did it because something unexpected had begun happening. When I asked a new student what they wanted to achieve through their martial arts classes the answer “I haven’t thought about it” was becoming common. One lady particularly stands out for her honesty, “I’m just looking for someplace I can drop my kid off for an hour”. To resolve this I wanted to be clear about what exactly we use our martial arts classes for at USA Karate Shakopee and I figured what could be better than to plaster it on the wall right by the front door. It worked perfectly.

The point is, martial arts training has tremendous benefits and provides an opportunity to develop critical life skills, especially for young children. Yes, we play games, build friendships, do obstacle courses etc. But, the core of our training is about the values mentioned above. We like to tell our students we’re striking a balance between serious and silly.


We often ask our students “What’s 1 + 1?”. Of course they always shout back “2!”. That is the essence of confidence. Knowing you know it. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to know everything to be confident. Instead, it’s about knowing you can learn to do it. That’s why martial arts training is so great for building confidence. It provides a graduated curriculum which is fun, helps to reduce stress, and provides legitimate but achievable challenges. Success inspires success.


I used to tell students in my martial arts classes the definition of respect was to treat others the way the student would like to be treated. I never really felt like that was quite right, though. Partly because we wanted our students to be better at respect than everyone else and not just settle for doing whatever made them feel good at the time. Eventually, I realized what we wanted was for our students to learn to build trust in others. We wanted our students to know how to build people up with actions and words. As a result we spend a lot of time training with partners and doing group activities so our students learn how to work with others and leverage that interaction into achievement.


Self-control matters. It’s easy to do something which makes you feel good but everything comes with a down side. Even your most favorite activity will sometimes be frustrating. At some point we all need to develop past the “Fun” mindset and learn to focus on the “Why”. Martial arts provides opportunities for exactly that growth. The training is definitely fun but it’s also mentally and physically challenging. Students are given achievable standards which they train at until met. Sometimes it’s easy and other times they have to spend extra effort getting it right. Once they do, though, they attend graduation and receive their next belt knowing it matters because they earned it.  A traditional symbol of martial arts progress to wear with pride while they turn their attention to the next milestone.


The power of focus is one of magnification. Directing the greatest amount of your personal capabilities onto a task until it’s completed. Distractions are evermore available with phones, tablets, social media, and all of the awesome forms of entertainment at our fingertips. Learning to filter those distractions out and focusing on the task at hand is a critical skill which children often don’t get a chance to develop during their early years. Attending a martial arts class provides specific direction and structure to help students mentally focus. Even when punching or kicking pads, students are taught to look exactly at their target and direct all of their effort into hitting it perfectly every time.

The benefits of martial arts training really are extensive and there for the taking. Train with purpose. Wanting to do something fun and awesome is a great goal but remember to identify the other ways martial arts training can help you grow and take time to appreciate your progress as you do.